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SANTA CHAOS is FUNDED! Thanks to all Backers :)

Santa CHAOS – Magnetic modular miniatures Fantasy Football This winter the nasty Santa has a mutation for each of his beloved Fantasy Football Players. Interchangeable, magnetized. PROJECT FUNDED! THANKS TO ALL BACKERS!!!   After many years of profound collaboration with several wargaming companies at the international level, I decided to create my Fantasy Football

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Battlefleet Gothic Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicum Fleet. Warhammer 40K.

Warhammer 40K battlefleet Gothic Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicum Fleet. This is a Ultramarines, REd Scorpion, Adeptus Mechanicum fleet, composed by: SM Battlebarge; Hunter Destroyer; Nova Frigate; Gladius Frigate; Strike Cruiser Mk.I Mk. II MK. III; Sm Thunderhawk; Starfort Ramillies; Starfort Blackstone; Adeptus Mechanicum heavy battleship whit magnetized option Bays.

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