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Lady Mechanica 1/8 Bust – Tesla’s legacy.

Lady Mechanica – Tesla’s legacy. She is amazing resin model bust in 1/8 scale. Boxart with LED light painted for Kabuki Studio, the first model in a new range dedicated to Nikola Tesla’s creations. Here the Kickstarter project link:…/kabukistudio/lady-mechanica-t…  

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Frazetta Death Dealer II

This is a sample of Boxart model, specifically in this case: Kabuki Studio’s Death Dealer II – 75mm. official boxart and officially licensed by FrazettaGIRLS   Coolminiornot references: This is the Boxart I’ve painted for the Kabuki Studio, the model representing the Death Dealer II, a well-known painting by the great Frank Frazetta (model

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