IL NANO NEFASTO Bust painted in Lucca Comics & Games 2017

Again this year, in the fantastic setting of Lucca Comics & Games 2017 (where I was like the usual special guest to do pictorial demonstrations at the Miniature Island), I worked on a particular subject.
Last year I took part in the painting of the beautiful  Kabuki Studio KIRA, this year I painted the “self portrait” bust that portrays my logo, “IlNanoNefasto” (for english people The Evil Dwarf… which represents me in a fantasy version).
The bust was realized thanks to the skill of the Cross Lances Studio of my dear friend Filippo Giovannini aka Giosba, who, besides digitally shaping the bust, also made it print in 3D.

Little curiosity … despite painting it in 9 hours, spread over three days, with: fever, cold, rustling, and continuing to talk and answering the questions of the curious … With this bust, I won a bronze in the MASTER category of Lucca Comics & Games GROG pictorial tournament!

Here is The Evil Dwarf (Il Nano Nefasto) that has taken shape!